Saturday, December 4, 2010

Only Be Satisfied with Me

My Joy -
My Longing -
My Sanctuary -
My Friend -
My Food for the Journey -
My Final End -
You are my spirit, and my hope.
You are my yearning.
You are all my Good.
Without You - O my life, my love -
I would never have wandered
Across these endless countries.
How many gifts and graces You have given me!
How many favors You have fed me from Your hand!
I look for your love in all directions
Then, suddenly, its blessing burns in me.
O Captain of my heart -
Radiant Eye of longing in my chest -
I will never be free of you
As long as I live,
Only be satisfied with me,
Life of my heart,
And I am satisfied.
( Rabiatul Adawiyah)

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